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Christian A.M. Curry Esq. earned his law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego and was admitted to practice in 1993. He is s a member of the San Diego County Bar Association. He immediately began his career working with the Tenants Legal Center from its very inception representing Tenants and occupants in rental property. Besides representing thousands of tenants in various landlord tenant matters, he has set important precedents in the Appellate Courts. In one case LOSORNIO v. MOTTA, he obtained a ruling that reinforced the obligation to properly serve eviction notices or they could be voided by a bad service. This case has dramatically changed the landscape of landlord tenant matters since 1998 by providing important protection from tenants suffering an eviction by an improperly served notice. In another case, ASP PROPERTIES GROUP v. FARD INC.  Mr. Curry was able to protect a commercial tenant from having to replace an entire roof. The higher Court sided with Mr. Curry's position that maintenance of the roof does not mean replacing it.  This is an important interpretation of commercial leases that protects tenants from being forced to pay for maintenance costs that they do not owe.  This case has been required reading by law students. Mr. Curry has volunteered his time to give many presentations to community groups about their rights including Mobile home and RV parks. Mr. Curry is a nationally published author and has been recognized as an expert in the field of landlord tenant. Mr. Curry is not currently taking on any new clients.

Erin Rounds Esq. attended law school at the University of Maine. Her final semester, she relocated to San Diego for an internship and to enjoy the sunny weather. Since taking the bar exam, Erin has focused her career on landlord-tenant issues. She began by suing landlords for failing to provide livable conditions in their rentals, which resulted in extensive damages to their tenants. She then moved to exclusively defending eviction cases, spending nearly everyday in the courtroom. At Tenants Legal Center she is able to use her extensive knowledge and background surrounding the duties of landlords and the eviction process to defend and uphold the rights of tenants in San Diego and its surrounding areas. She has years of courtroom and negotiation experience and does not settle for less than the best for her clients. Since joining Tenants Legal Center she has appeared on NBC and ABC in order to provide legal information to San Diego residents. She is certified to practice in the Southern, Central, and Northern District Courts of California and is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association. When Erin is not advocating for her clients, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Penny, and taking weekend trips around Southern California.


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